Shandong Dadi people law firm, founded in 1993, is the Shandong Provincial Department of Justice named Zibo City, the first "provincial civilized law firm", in 2008, the Ministry of Justice was named the first in Zibo City, "National Outstanding Law firm ". Shandong Dadi People's Law Firm is headquartered in Zhangdian, with branch offices in Linzi. It is divided into criminal legal affairs department, legal affairs department, real estate legal affairs department, financial securities legal affairs department, intellectual property law department.



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            Xu Yiyou Lawyer: Shandong University of Technology Education graduate, Shandong University law graduate, Bachelor of law degree. Business expertise: labor dispu...

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            Mr. Yin Guangyu graduated from Southwest University of Political Science and Law. He is good at dealing with road traffic accident disputes, civil and commercia...

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            Wang Bing, Northwestern Polytechnic University, Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Law, Shandong University of Politics and Law, English.

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        shandong dadiren lawfirm

        TEL:0086-533-2791600(ZHANG DIAN)
           0086-533-7360201(LIN ZI)
                  0086-533-7975788(HUAN TAI)
        FAX:0086-533-2791601(ZHANG DIAN)
           0086-533-7360201(LIN ZI)
                  0086-533-7975788(HUAN TAI)
        Linzi Branch:Huangong Road No. 77 ,Linzi ,Zibo
        Huantai Branch:Jianshe Road No. 2839 ,Huantai ,Zibo
        Zibo General:Huaguang Road, No. 272, Block A Plaza, 5th Floor,Zibo

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