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The first "Provincial Civilized Law Firm" in Zibo City named by the Department of Justice of Shandong Province.

Shandong Dadiren Law Firm is willing to serve you with sincere legal services, cooperate with you, seek common development, and write a new chapter together!

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Shandong Dadiren Law Firm, founded in 1993, is the first “provincial civilized law firm” as named by the Justice Department of Shandong. In 2008, our law firm was rated as the first “national excellent law firm” in Zibo by the Ministry of Justice. Headquartered in Zhangdian, our law firm has set up branch in Linzi which has established Criminal Legal Affairs Department, Corporate Legal Affairs Department, Real Estate Legal Affairs Department, Financial Securities Legal Affairs Department, Intellectual Property Legal Affairs Department, and Administrative Legal Affairs Department. Now we have more than 50 personnel, including lawyers, apprentice lawyers, and administrative staff. Now our law firm is an influential, large-scale professional, distinctive law firm in partnership.

Since establishment, we have been laying great store by personnel introduction and cultivation. Guided by the operation concept of “people foremost”, we have attracted and employed a team of excellent lawyers with solid theoretical foundation, outstanding specialty advantage, and strict professional idea. Full-fledged, standard, scientific internal management system, complete professional qualifications, and distinct and professional development orientation help lay a solid foundation for the sustainable development of our law firm. Over the years, Dadiren has been focusing on such basic litigation business as civil and commercial service and criminal defense and has been exploring new fields and non-litigation business continuously. On the strength of our wide and profound social resource, we also offer service concerning establishment, merger, financing, coming into the market, disposition of non-performing asset, and bankruptcy liquidation. In the meantime, we have made substantial achievements in terms of construction and real estate, financial instrument and intellectual property.

With out excellent, efficient and sincere legal service and outstanding reputation, Dadiren is perfectly poised to offer service and cooperate with our friends for common development and writing a new chapter.

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