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Foreign-related Legal Services Department

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Foreign-related business is one of our specialty businesses. It has an excellent foreign-related legal service team, including masters in the UK, and lawyers who have participated in the US international trade friction training. The team members have a division of labor and collaboration, and their specialization is outstanding. They can ensure any of them. The service quality of specific legal services; in addition, the firm maintains a good cooperative relationship with outstanding law firms and outstanding lawyers in Canada, the United States and other places, and provides comprehensive legal services for overseas investment, immigration, and foreign-related mergers and acquisitions to the maximum extent.

Business Scope:

1. Overseas investment, immigration, home ownership, study abroad services

2. Legal services for foreign-related mergers and acquisitions

3. International trade disputes

4. Foreign investment legal affairs

5. Special legal risk management services for foreign-related enterprises

6. Daily legal advisory services for foreign-funded enterprises

7. Foreign-related securities legal services

8. Foreign-related real estate legal services

9. Foreign-related marriage and family legal services

10. Other comprehensive foreign-related legal services

Business department staff:

Attorney Cui Guanjun Attorney Wang Xiaowu Attorney Wang Tongsheng Pingping Sun Lawyer Cui Xi Lawyer Yao Tao


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