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Civil Legal Affairs Department

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The civil law business department covers a wide range of business areas, including marriage and family disputes such as divorce, property division, inheritance and adoption, personal injury, property damage, traffic accidents, medical accidents and other tort disputes, real estate sales, lease, loan custody, transportation, gift, etc. Various types of contract disputes, enforcement of civil judicial documents and other fields are relatively prominent, and it is difficult to count all kinds of major and far-reaching civil cases across the country.

The Civil Law Department attaches great importance to teamwork, and has established a major and difficult case discussion system, and has gathered all the strengths of the firm to discuss and formulate strategies for major and difficult cases. The Civil Law Business Department employs expert consultants in the field of civil law, and has established good interactive relationships with a number of media such as television, the Internet, newspapers, and magazines. When dealing with cases, departmental lawyers take the protection of the interests of the parties as the greatest principle, rely on courts, public opinion, and expert opinions to solve problems efficiently through comprehensive and three-dimensional means, and protect the rights and interests of the parties to the greatest extent.

The Civil Business Department also actively participates in the cultural construction of law firms, participates in various social services and public welfare activities, has established good cooperative relations with civil affairs, women’s federations, justice and other relevant institutions, and participates in various public welfare activities and legal aid activities for popularizing the law. Participated in various seminars, training and forum activities of the All China Lawyers Association and Shaanxi Lawyers Association. In addition, the Ministry of Civil Legal Affairs has also cooperated with government agencies and legal aid agencies, and has engaged in a large amount of law dissemination and free legal aid. The scope of services of the Civil Law Department includes but is not limited to:

1. Marriage, family and inheritance disputes:

Including: marriage contract property disputes, divorce disputes, post-divorce property disputes, post-divorce damage compensation disputes, cohabitation relationship property analysis, child support disputes, marriage invalidation disputes, marriage revocation disputes, spousal property agreement disputes, support disputes, support disputes, guardianship disputes , Visitation rights disputes, support disputes, adoption disputes, family property analysis disputes, inheritance disputes, foreign affairs, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan marriage and family business, etc.

2. Personality rights disputes:

Including: road traffic accident personal damage compensation disputes, medical damage compensation disputes, industrial accident damage compensation disputes, water transportation personal damage compensation disputes, name disputes, portrait rights disputes, reputation disputes, honor rights disputes, privacy disputes, and marriage independence Rights disputes, personal freedom rights disputes, general personality rights disputes, etc.

3. Property rights disputes:

Including: real property registration disputes, property rights protection disputes, ownership disputes, usufructuary rights disputes, security property rights disputes, possession protection disputes, etc.

4. Creditor's rights disputes:

Including: contract disputes, product quality damage compensation disputes, high-risk operation damage compensation disputes, environmental pollution tort disputes, ground and public places construction damage compensation disputes, buildings, suspended objects, suspended objects collapse damage compensation disputes, and animal feeding Disputes over compensation for damages, disputes over infringement of duties by state agencies and their staff, disputes over compensation for employee damages, disputes over compensation for employer damages, over-defense damages disputes, emergency avoidance damages disputes, voluntary assistance to workers, compensation disputes, compensation disputes, and courageous acts of justice. Compensation, compensation disputes, unjust enrichment disputes, unjust enrichment disputes, unreasonable management disputes, etc.

5. Disputes related to enterprises and companies:

Includes: company-related disputes, partnership-related disputes, bankruptcy-related disputes, securities disputes, futures transaction disputes, trust disputes, bill disputes, letter of credit disputes, etc.

6. Other applicable special procedures:

Application for determination of voter qualification, application for declaration of a citizen’s incompetence or limited capacity for civil conduct, application for determination or revocation of guardian qualification, application for declaration of a citizen’s disappearance or death, application for revocation of declaration of disappearance or death, application for appointment of missing person’s property, change of custodian , Disputes over the payment of debts of missing persons, disputes over the request for the return of property by the person who has been revoked death declarers, application for the determination of the ownership of the property, application for the abolition of the determination of the ownership of the property, application for payment order, application for public notice, application for cessation of infringement before litigation, application for property preservation before litigation, Application for pre-litigation evidence preservation, application for confirmation of the validity of arbitration agreement, property preservation in arbitration procedures, application for revocation of arbitration award, application for recognition and enforcement of foreign courts, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan civil judgments and arbitration awards, etc.

7. Consultation, Mediation and non-litigation document preparation and witness services on various civil legal issues.

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