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Real Estate Business Department

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The real estate legal affairs department is an important part of the professional services of Shandong Dadiren Law Firm. After more than ten years of professional development and business accumulation, with the extensive and profound social resources of the law firm, the real estate legal affairs department is in demolition and resettlement, real estate development , Building construction contracts, commercial housing sales disputes, real estate service disputes and other litigation and non-litigation areas have formed a unique legal service model, and accumulated rich practical experience. At present, he not only serves as the perennial legal consultant for the construction and real estate authorities of Zibo Municipal Government, Municipal Construction Committee, Municipal Land Bureau, Municipal Planning Bureau, etc., but also provides large-scale development projects with the same process services for many large construction and real estate enterprises in our city. Legal counsel, the scope of legal services centered on the city, radiating the entire Shandong Peninsula.

Dancing with the strong, providing professional legal services for construction and real estate enterprises is our service purpose. The Real Estate Legal Affairs Department is willing to seek common development with you and create brilliant future with professional, efficient and diligent legal services!

Professional lawyer team of the Real Estate Legal Affairs Department:

Director: Wang Na

Members: Ren Songyuan, Wang Yi, Meng Yan, Li Jun, Huang Baoxue

Office Tel: 0533 2791607/2791603

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