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Corporate Legal Business Department

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Company establishment business:

Dadiren lawyers can participate in the legal affairs of the company during the preparation period, help customers choose the best establishment plan, provide customers with a series of agreements and texts for the establishment of the company, including the promoter agreement, the company’s articles of association, and handle the company name pre-approval and company A full set of legal services including application and approval of establishment materials, company establishment registration, and approval of relevant industry licenses and qualifications.

Company change business:

1. The merger of the company and the merger of the company

Dadiren lawyers can provide clients with professional legal services such as participating in negotiations, drafting contracts, and designing systems on matters such as the assets and equity disposal of the merged company, and the disposal of claims and debts.

2. The acquisition of company equity and the acquisition of company assets

Dadiren lawyers can provide clients with due diligence, rationalization suggestions, participation in negotiations, drafting contracts, plan design, etc. in terms of obtaining control rights, etc., in the acquisition of company (including limited companies and joint stock limited companies) equity and company assets. There are high-quality special legal services such as debt settlement.

3. Company restructuring and company reorganization

Dadiren lawyers can provide solutions and channels for the company’s corporate restructuring and restructuring of property rights, and provide solutions and channels for clients’ debts, taxation and other legal issues arising from the restructuring of the company to promote the healthy development of the company.

4. The company's capital increase and decrease

Dadiren lawyers can provide clients with plans for increasing or reducing the company’s capital, as well as solutions and channel design when deciding whether to increase or decrease the company’s capital, and assist clients in successfully achieving capital increase or decrease in accordance with the legal procedures for capital increase or decrease. Capital reduction.

Corporate financing business:

Dadiren lawyers can provide clients with relevant company financing plans, draft relevant financing contracts and guarantee contracts, provide clients with reasonable legal opinions on corporate financing, etc., provide reference opinions for the realization of company financing, and assist clients in the smooth realization of financing according to legal procedures Financing.

Corporate securities legal business:

Dadiren lawyers can assist the sponsor in formulating stock issuance and listing plans and plans for the company, issue legal opinions for the company's domestic stock issuance and listing of A shares (including initial issuance, allotment, and additional issuance of new shares), and issue legal opinions for the company's overseas stock issuance and listing , Issued legal opinions on the issuance of convertible corporate bonds, corporate bonds and corporate bonds by companies, issued legal opinions on the issuance of bonds by securities companies, issued legal opinions on the capital increase and share expansion of securities companies and the establishment of foreign-shared securities companies, and issued legal opinions for joint stock companies and their listing Issue legal opinions on the management, transfer, transfer, and pledge of the company’s state-owned equity, and issue legal opinions for companies that have ceased to be listed on their applications to resume listing.

Company investment business:

Dadiren lawyers can provide clients with legal opinions on the establishment, application, and approval of projects related to the company’s investment when investing, and provide legal advice in accordance with the legality and rationality of the company’s investment projects. Assist the company to follow up the investment project until the final completion of the investment project and provide legal advice during the investment process, investment project negotiation, contract drafting, plan design and other reference opinions, and assist clients in the smooth realization of the company's investment legal procedures investment.

Company management business:

Dadiren lawyers can provide professional legal services for the company's internal management. Such as sound management institutions, design of control rights, sound regulations, prohibition of competition, trade secrets, intellectual property rights, contract management, labor and personnel, financial and taxation, etc. Effectively guarantee the regular operation of the customer's internal management, so that the company has a good foundation and backing for development.

Company liquidation business:

Dadiren lawyers can provide clients with legal services on general company liquidation caused by the expiration of the business period, the resolution of the shareholders’ meeting to dissolve, the merger or division and dissolution of the company, the company’s legally revoked, and the revoking of business licenses, etc. Legal services for liquidation. Including corporate liquidation businesses such as partnerships, individual enterprises, and foreign-funded cooperative enterprises that do not have legal personality. In addition, Dadiren can provide legal services for bankruptcy applications for company creditors or company shareholders.

Foreign investment business:

Dadiren lawyers can provide foreign businessmen with legal opinions on investment projects, investment fields, investment scales, etc., and can assist foreign businessmen in setting up foreign-funded enterprises. They can discuss the organizational form and internal institutions of foreign-invested enterprises, the capital of foreign-invested enterprises, and the land use of foreign-invested enterprises. Taxation of foreign-invested enterprises, foreign exchange management legal system of foreign-invested enterprises, term or dissolution of foreign-invested enterprises, liquidation of foreign-invested enterprises, dispute resolution of foreign-invested enterprises, etc. Provide a series of laws for participating in negotiations, drafting contracts, and designing plans, etc. service.

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