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Financial Securities Department

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The main service objects of the Securities Legal Department of the firm are banks, listed companies, securities firms, securities consulting agencies and investment management consulting agencies. The main business scope includes: issuing legal opinions and verifications for companies’ issuance of stocks, listed companies’ allotments, and listed companies’ equity transfers. Transcripts, providing legal assistance for company asset restructuring, debt restructuring, equity restructuring, and mergers and acquisitions, domestic and international loans, project financing, financing guarantee legal issues, handling bank non-performing assets, letters of credit and commercial paper legal disputes, and corporate foreign debt Registration and investment decision-making Bank "debt-to-equity swap", mortgage loans, etc. Issue legal opinions, act as legal counsel for financial, securities, investment companies and listed companies, companies to be listed, and shareholders of listed companies, and represent parties in arbitration and litigation cases, etc. .

The Finance and Securities Department provides customers with professional and characteristic service plans. It has an excellent service team to ensure that any specific legal service is completed by a team composed of the host lawyer, co-sponsor lawyers and auxiliary staff, and passes the service quality Monitor and improve the service before, during and after the event to better protect the maximization of customer benefits from the system. Since its establishment, it has provided high-quality, efficient, and honest legal services to governments at all levels, manufacturing, real estate, logistics and commerce, banks, insurance companies and other enterprises and institutions, which have won trust and praise.

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