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Talking about the Visibility of Lawyers' Legal Services


Lawyer Liu Wenguo: Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Laws from Shandong University. He has worked in a large state-owned enterprise and has been engaged in management affairs for nearly 20 years. Business expertise: criminal legal affairs, labor disputes, corporate legal affairs, work injury business agency and personal injury compensation cases.

Attorney Zhang Yongqiang: Bachelor of Law of Shandong University, business expertise: corporate legal affairs, contract legal affairs, bill disputes, transportation, medical care, school, work-related accident disputes, marriage and family disputes, labor disputes, criminal legal affairs.

The legal services provided by lawyers are intangible and cannot directly perceive the amount of labor and the value of labor. Clients have doubts about the lawyer’s work and cannot be trusted. The lawyer charges such a high fee for a few words and pens. Is it worth it? The client ignores the lawyer’s work for no reason, and thinks that the case is a natural result, so he won’t ask the lawyer to win the case. If the case is lost, he complains and slanders the work of the lawyer, and then he complains against the lawyer, even hesitating to go to court with his former agent. Lawyers feel wronged, their labors are not understood, let alone respect, and they cause troubles, so that they are tired of lawyers' business and irrational thinking about human nature.

Lawyer's labor is a kind of complicated labor, and lawyers have not tangibly fixed their labor products and then presented them to clients. Many problems are caused by this.

The following is roughly based on the process of communication between lawyers and clients in civil litigation business to talk about this experience and communicate with you.

1. Before accepting the order

Lawyers must first establish the awareness of tangible legal services provided by them. This awareness runs through the relationship between lawyers and clients. Starting from the contact between lawyers and clients, lawyers should make their services tangible.

Before formally accepting the commission, the method and content of mutual communication should be fixed. The lawyer must fill out the "Legal Consultation Registration Form", record in detail the client's relevant identity information, brief case information, the lawyer's main points of answering the client's legal questions, client opinions and contact information, and finally must let the client sign and print. On the one hand, this information can be processed and sorted and managed, which is valuable for future analysis of the market, opening up the source of cases, studying the effectiveness of the law, and statistics on case data; on the other hand, customers will feel a rigorous and responsible work style. Experience the formality and dignity of the lawyer's work, thereby increasing the client's sense of trust.

2. Accept the entrustment process

The lawyer should fill in all the blanks such as the registration form, commission contract, power of attorney letter, law firm letter and other documents in front of the client. After the client signs it, explain the content, function and legal meaning of these documents to the client clearly. . General law firms have a fixed format "Risk Notification Letter". In addition, after analyzing the case, lawyers must also prepare a targeted and forward-looking "Case Risk Notification Letter" according to the specific case (Note: The risk notice is signed after accepting the entrustment, and it is mentioned here for the sake of narrative.) Let the customer sign it, and the customer will feel that you have worked hard on the case after careful consideration and careful analysis. What is informed is the risk of the client, and what is avoided is the risk of the lawyer.

All types of legal services provided by lawyers, authorization authority, service stage, agency fees, etc. must be fixed during the commissioning process, and a copy of the client must be submitted for reference; if there is any agency fee reduction or exemption, the "Approval of Agency Fee Reduction and Exemption" shall also be filled in "Form", record the type of case, the amount of the target, the reason for exemption, the amount of exemption, the examiner, etc., so that the client must sign and confirm it to reflect the strict and standard of the lawyer's fee system. In particular, lawyers collect litigation fees, collect case-handling travel expenses, communication expenses, etc., which must be handled through the financial department to avoid disputes in the future. Documents such as the travel expenses of the lawyer handling the case are not only proof of settlement, but also a demonstration of the lawyer's labor.

3. After accepting the commission, before the trial

(1), transcript of conversation. After accepting the commission, first understand the case from the client’s statement and the lawyer’s communication with the client. Many clients often treat the lawyer as a judge, thinking that the lawyer is a neutral person, the referee, and the statement to the lawyer are inclined, and the lawyer must This link is fixed in the form of "Talking Transcript". If in the later process of handling the case, if the client’s statement is not good for the client, after analysis by the lawyer, the client will not and find it difficult to blame the lawyer for the adverse consequences, so he has to blame himself for dishonesty.

(two), evidence custody. Under normal circumstances, the evidence that the lawyer retains the client must be a photocopy, and the name, number of copies, and number of pages of the evidence should be specified in the "Evidence Submission Record Form", and the copy of the evidence should be indicated in the remarks column. The most important thing is to sign the client. "The above original evidence has been retrieved" to prevent the loss of the original evidence from causing unnecessary trouble to the lawyers, and to prevent the risk of dishonest clients counter-attacking. When customers see you being so cautious and rigorous, they will be more assured to hand things over to you.

(3), scoring. When you go to the court to read the papers, you must make a detailed "Bookmarking Record", including the number of times you read the papers, the time and location of the papers, the judges received, and the content of the excerpts. For various reasons, some cases need to be read several times. The lawyer should record the relevant situation of each review, and even the process of contact with the judge and the waiting time, etc., to inform the client of your labor volume.

(four), investigation and evidence collection. Lawyers investigate and collect evidence, regardless of whether they finally obtain evidence, it is best to prepare the following documents. The first is the "Investigation and Evidence Collection Work Plan", which informs customers in the form of soliciting customer opinions on the time, place, contact person, method of retrieval, and possible problems that may arise in the investigation and collection of evidence; then is the "Investigation and Evidence Collection Work Record", which records the work process in detail And the content; the last is the "Evidence Analysis and Cross-examination Opinions", which allows lawyers to go deeper into the case, have a clear mind and present the simplest and best language to the court during the trial. Both clients and judges will look at your agency work with admiration.

(5), work ideas. For cases with more complicated cases, lawyers must prepare "Case Representation Work Ideas" after careful research and even collective discussion, and show the lawyer's thinking process to the client, so that the lawyer's agency effect will be better. Otherwise, what the client sees is that you read the legal documents prepared in advance in court, while the lawyer reads the papers several times, constantly inquires about the information, and plans to write and revise the legal documents. Every word has been thought through and revised repeatedly. The client Maybe when he fell asleep soundly, the lawyer was still thinking and looking for a breakthrough.

Four, the trial process

It is best for a lawyer to appear in court by allowing the client to be there in person. This is the best opportunity to show the lawyer’s demeanor in front of the client. It is really not possible to participate. The client should be asked to send a trusted person to appear in court, even if the client does not say a word or listens in front of the court. During the trial process, the outcome of the case can be more objectively understood. The customer clearly understands where to win, where to lose, and where the problem comes from. Of course, it is best to let the client understand that winning the case is indeed the result of the lawyer's work, and losing the case is due to the circumstances of the case, and the lawyer has strived for the greatest benefit or avoided the loss to the greatest extent. The lawyer can directly inform the client that your appearance in court is also a supervision of our lawyer's work, and we are also willing to accept your supervision, and at the same time make critical suggestions to us. Some lawyers often do not want clients to appear in court. In fact, this is a lack of self-confidence and lack of confidence, which will also leave hidden dangers.

5. After the trial

After the trial, the first job of the lawyer is to sort out the "Transcripts of the Trial". Due to the intense work of lawyers during the trial, the records of the trial process are often scribbled and messy. After the trial, the rules must be sorted out and read by the client. Once again, the client can perceive the lawyer's work. At the same time, the "Attorney", "Agent Opinion", etc. After the case is closed, the lawyer will promptly hand over the judgment documents to the client. If necessary, send the "Customer Return Visit Record Form" to the customer to ensure that the work is complete and the end is good.

All legal services provided by lawyers eventually appear as tangible documents. These documents are not only the results of lawyers' labor, but also the expression of labor complexity such as lawyers' knowledge, skills, and wisdom. At every step of the case, the lawyer must communicate with the client in a timely manner and present the tangible work results to the client. The client feels the hard work and complexity of the lawyer's work at any time. However, in real life, due to various considerations, lawyers often do not submit their own documents to clients, leading clients to believe that the lawyer's fee is higher than the lawyer's labor value.

In short, the work of a lawyer must be expressed in a certain form. Work process and results are both important. For lawyers, we must pay more attention to the process, especially to make the process tangible, documented, and fixed, fully demonstrate, avoid practicing risks, and make clients feel the work of lawyers.

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Immigration Tips

1. The difference between green card and nationality. Obtaining the nationality of a certain country is equivalent to becoming a citizen of a certain country and obtaining the same rights and obligations as citizens of that country. The green card is equivalent to maintaining Chinese nationality and having the right of permanent residence in a certain country. It is a document that allows permanent and legal residence. The only difference between a country’s green card and nationality is that the green card does not have the right to vote and stand for election in this country, and the rest of the rights are the same. Therefore, most Chinese entrepreneurs who emigrate choose only to obtain a green card, because China does not recognize dual citizenship. If you only obtain a green card from this country, you will retain your Chinese nationality and you can live in and leave the country freely. However, if you join the nationality of this country, it is equivalent to giving up your Chinese nationality, and you must go to the Chinese embassy in that country for a visa every time you return to your country. 2. Why emigrate? Generally speaking, the external incentives for immigration: better investment environment, more business opportunities, high incomes abroad, better climate and environment, better medical care, better free education, Political stability, social stability, and high social welfare. Domestic impetus for immigration: political risks (naked officials, entrepreneurs’ criminal liability risks), environmental pollution risks (air, water, food safety, life expectancy, high mortality, increased terminal illnesses), social security, war risks, high living cost. High added value of immigrants: choose a safer, happier and more convenient life. Worry-free life brought about by high welfare. Choose a higher quality and free education for the children. Found new investment opportunities. Escaped domestic political and legal risks. It is convenient to go abroad. The continuous appreciation of the renminbi brings the best opportunity for overseas investment.
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Canadian Investment Immigration, Federal Projects Closed

Time of issue: : 2014-02--17
Recently, a piece of news about Canadian immigration has stirred up waves in the immigration market. The Canadian government will end the 28-year-old investment immigration project, shattering the immigration dream of 50,000 Chinese. Is the hope of investing in Canadian immigration really dashed? Is there any other way to immigrate to Canada? The reporter visited Mr. Cui Guanjun, the director of the first law firm in Zibo City that provides foreign-related legal services and immigration services on current hot issues. , He pointed out: The one-size-fits-all Canadian investment immigration program refers to the Canadian federal investment immigration program. There are many types of Canadian immigration. In terms of investment immigration, in addition to federal investment projects, Canadian provinces also have their own investment immigration projects. At present, the projects nominated by these provinces have not been affected, and the immigration quotas of some provinces have increased, even Record breaking, such as the Saskatchewan nomination program. Due to the closure of the Federal Investment Immigration Program, these immigrant applicants will quickly transfer a large number of them to the provincial nomination programs in search of more secure immigration investment projects. Take the corporate investment immigration project nominated by Saskatchewan as an example. After the 2013 Saskatchewan corporate immigration application was opened, less than 2 weeks, the application quota was emptied. Among them, Chinese applicants account for about 80%, and the application status is extremely hot! Regarding the difference between the Canadian federal investment immigration and the investment immigration nominated by each province, Director Cui Guanjun replied: Under normal circumstances, the investment immigration threshold nominated by each province will be lower than the federal investment immigration threshold, or more conditions. Loose. For example, the aforementioned entrepreneur investment immigration project nominated by Saskatchewan has the advantages of low asset requirements, low investment amount, and no language requirements. Applicants only need to prove assets of 300,000 Canadian dollars, and invest 150,000 Canadian dollars to establish or acquire a business, and then the whole family can immigrate and share the quality of life in Canada with their families. Another example is the BC Business Immigration Program where Vancouver is located. From the current point of view, after the application is approved, the whole family can land in Canada (enjoy the status of permanent residence). After landing, a minimum investment of 200,000 Canadian dollars is required to purchase or create one For business, you can apply for permanent residency status after one year of normal business operation. The feature of this project is that there is no language requirement and no requirement to submit a deposit, and the whole family can land in Canada in about 9 months at the earliest. This is a rare opportunity for people who do not have English skills and are eager to go to Canada. In addition, as the first law firm in Zibo City that provides immigration services by professional lawyers and has established cooperative relationships with many professional immigration lawyers in the United States, Canada and other countries, the reporter asked Director Cui Guanjun to discuss the next step of Canadian investment To make a prediction on immigration policies and trends, he pointed out: First of all, in the future, Canada may hope not to simply introduce funds, but to introduce high-quality corporate talents who can continue to generate income to promote the development of the domestic economy. Secondly, with the closure of Canadian federal investment immigration, immigration projects nominated by various provinces in 2014 will be quickly sought after. In the face of a large number of immigration applicants, it is a foregone conclusion. Third, the immigration projects nominated by each province have their own advantages. Applicants can only seize the quota if they are fully prepared in advance according to their actual conditions. Shandong Dadiren Law Firm, Foreign Business Department Lawyer Cui: 13905330148 Sun lawyer: 13953357713  
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Shandong Dadiren Law Firm formulated and promulgated the "Working Procedures for Handling Criminal Cases of Underworld Forces"

Time of issue: : 2018-08--20
In order to implement the All-China Lawyers Association’s "Several Opinions on Lawyers’ Handling of Criminal Cases by Underworld Forces" and the relevant regulations of provincial and municipal judicial administrative agencies and the Lawyers Association, to ensure that lawyers can handle criminal cases related to underworld forces in accordance with the law. Lawyers’ rights to practice, regulate the practice of lawyers in handling criminal cases involving criminal forces, and improve their ability to handle criminal cases related to criminal forces. After the research and decision of the partners meeting of Shandong Dadiren Law Firm, on August 20, 2018, the establishment of the Shandong Dadiren Law Firm's Office for the Supervision of Criminal Cases of Underworld Forces was established, and the "Shandong Dadiren Law Firm's Handling of Underworld Crimes" was promulgated. Case Work Rules Shandong Dadiren Law Firm Working Regulations for Handling Criminal Cases of the Underworld Forces Article 1 In order to improve the lawyer’s ability to handle criminal cases related to criminal forces, protect the lawyer’s practice rights, and regulate the practice of criminal cases involving criminal forces of the "Several Opinions on Defense Agency Work in Power Crime Cases" and relevant regulations of provincial and municipal judicial administrative organs and the Lawyers Association, combined with the actual situation of the firm, formulate these regulations. Article 2 The Supervision Office for the Handling of Criminal Cases of the Underworld Forces (hereinafter referred to as the "Supervision Office") shall exercise its powers in accordance with these regulations, and the Supervision Office shall accept the leadership and supervision of the Institute and the Cooperative Conference. Article 3 The Supervision Office of the firm conducts a full follow-up inspection of the lawyers' handling of criminal defense and agency work in criminal cases, strengthens case handling quality supervision and risk management, and guides the resolution of legal problems encountered in the process of handling cases, and finds that lawyers have violated laws and regulations in handling cases It must be stopped and corrected in time. The office should strengthen the management of official seals, and strictly follow the process of "approval first, seal later" to manage the materials of criminal cases involving gangsters, to prevent private collection of charges from occurring. Supervise and supervise the undertaking lawyers to strengthen the file management of criminal cases by the underworld forces to prevent the occurrence of leaks and improper transmission. Article 4 The supervision office of the firm has one director, one deputy director, and several members of the working group, responsible for the daily work of the office, including case filing, supervision, docking with judicial administrative departments and lawyers associations, and exchanging case handling experience with other law firms , Organizing lawyers throughout the firm to conduct relevant business training and case discussions on a regular or irregular basis. If members of the supervision team handle gang-related cases themselves, they shall not participate in the supervision of their own cases as staff members of the supervision office. Article 5 The Supervision Office shall make full use of various channels such as our WeChat groups and training sessions to publicize the correct practice, experience and effectiveness of lawyers in handling criminal cases involving underworld forces. Article 6 The Supervision Office of the Stock Exchange specifically performs the following duties: 1. Conduct pre-examination of the lawyers' handling of gang-related cases, examine the client, the basic situation of the case, etc., and report the review to the director of the supervision office, and the director of the supervision office will decide whether to accept the entrustment; 2. To file a case involving gangs that agree to accept entrustment, the lawyer handling the case shall take the initiative to perform the filing procedures; 3. Train our lawyers on the handling of gang-related cases, practice norms, practice risks, etc.; 4. Supervise the practice behaviors of our lawyers in handling gang-related cases; 5. Provide risk reminders to our lawyers in handling gang-related cases; 6. Maintain the practice rights and interests of our lawyers in handling gang-related cases; 7. Impose penalties for violations of our lawyers in handling gang-related cases; 8. Organize the lawyers of the firm to summarize and communicate with the cases involving gangs handled; 9. Connect with lawyers’ associations and judicial organs, and file the handling of criminal cases in accordance with relevant regulations; Article 7 The lawyers of our firm who act as defenders or litigation agents in criminal cases involving underworld forces must abide by the firm’s systems of uniformly accepting
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A delegation from the Legal Work Department of the ACFTU visited the Huantai branch for investigation

Time of issue: : 2018-09--28
On September 26, the Legal Work Department of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions came to Shandong Dadiren (Huantai) Law Firm to investigate the development of legal services for employees’ rights protection. Liu Shuai, Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee, Zhou Huanbao, Chairman of the County Federation of Trade Unions, and the County Judicial Bureau Director Pang Yueming accompanied the investigation. The research team listened to the experience and practices of Huantai County in legal services for employees' rights protection in the county conference center. Fu Sigang, director of Shandong Dadiren (Huantai) Law Firm, provided legal services to law firms and county employees in rights protection The main work of the center in recent years was reported. Then the research team went to Huantai Institute for on-site inspection. The research team unanimously believes that Huantai County will focus on doing a good job in the rights protection of employees in the new era, in-depth development of legal services for rights protection, relying on Shandong Dadiren (Huantai) Law Firm to build an employee rights protection platform, and explore a "guarantee" and "maintenance". "The integrated service system for employees' rights protection combined, and the work of employees' rights protection services has achieved remarkable results. The Huantai County Federation of Trade Unions, relying on Shandong Dadiren (Huantai) Law Firm, established the Huantai County Employees' Rights Protection Legal Service Center in July 2012. Since the establishment of the center, the Huantai Institute has closely followed the requirements of the county party committee and county government to carry out legal services for employees' rights protection. The Huantai Office set up office space, opened a service hotline, and built a green channel for the employee rights protection center, taking multiple measures simultaneously to comprehensively improve the effectiveness of employee legal services. Various activities such as "on-site consultation", law popularization, radio interpretation, etc. have been carried out, combined with the overall situation of our county's law popularization work, in-depth publicity and explanation of various labor protection legal knowledge in agencies, enterprises, schools, communities, etc., have played a good role in the society. effect. Since its establishment more than 6 years ago, it has handled more than 220 labor arbitration and litigation cases, received more than 1,500 employee legal consultations, carried out more than 60 employee rights protection law publicity, and recovered more than 10 million economic losses for employees, reducing and exempting rights protection Staff lawyers cost more than 700,000 yuan, which has formed a good brand effect throughout the county. Huantai Office has been commended as an "advanced collective of judicial administration system" by Zibo Judicial Bureau, and as a "Demonstration Unit of Legal Services for Workers' Rights Protection by Zibo Trade Union" by Zibo Federation of Trade Unions. He was commended as "Outstanding Women's Rights Protection Post" by Zibo Women's Federation, and was awarded the title of "City Youth Civilization" by the Communist Youth League Committee. Many lawyers have been awarded the honorary titles of outstanding lawyers in the provinces and cities, outstanding lawyers in protecting the rights and interests of employees in Zibo, and advanced individuals in the work of helping the disabled in Zibo.  
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Dadi Renhuantai branch organized "2018 Unity and Cooperation" outreach training activities

Time of issue: : 2018-10--15
On October 13th and 14th, 2018, Shandong Dadiren (Huantai) Law Firm organized all lawyers and administrative staff to the Yuanshan Hard Struggle Memorial Hall to conduct an outreach training event with the theme of "2018 Unity and Cooperation".     On the morning of the 13th, all the staff arrived at the training site, put down their luggage, and formed a team under the guidance of the coach. Each team completed the design of the team name, team flag, and slogan within 25 minutes, and sang the team song. Position, interest, identity and social role communication and communication environment, open up, understand each other in a short time, and integrate into the team, and at the same time prepare the team members to participate in the training psychologically, gain more experience, create a family atmosphere, and form A warm team atmosphere and a winning team belief.       The first activity is "Fetching water from the dragons". Within the specified time, all the team members use tools to take out the water in the specified area. The goal is to train the execution and appeal of trainees; sense of teamwork and cooperation and cooperation; experience the importance of early-stage resource confirmation and reasonable allocation of the project; correct communication and team appreciation, emphasizing the importance of details; personnel division of labor, cooperation and coordination; The physical contact between the team members increases the sense of trust and cohesion; dare to practice and break through empiricism; and an attitude of honesty and integrity. After 30 minutes of running-in, both teams completed the task of fetching water. In addition, the "Rapid 60 Seconds" activity was carried out, requiring each team of students to find the numbers from one to thirty within sixty seconds, and the thirty is a number hidden in each puzzle. The goal is to exercise the analytical skills of the team members, enhance communication and assistance between teams, and enhance the team's sense of time urgency.   On the afternoon of the 13th, all the team members visited the Yuanshan Hard Work Entrepreneurship Hall. Next is the "Santa Game", which requires the entire team to cooperate to move the Santa from its initial position to any other position. The goal is to increase communication among students and improve their communication skills; improve personal resilience in difficult environments; let students better understand the importance of communication in teamwork; master the main points of communication and how to communicate in different environments. On the morning of the 14th, all the trainers visited the Ruyue Lake Wetland Park. On the afternoon of the 14th, the two teams worked together to complete the "150-second speed challenge". The two teams completed the training activity with a good result of 137 seconds under the cooperation and cooperation.  
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