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[Linzi News] Lawyer Li Xia from Shandong Dadiren (Linzi) Law Firm was selected as one of the nation’s top 1,000 foreign-related lawyers


On August 31, the Ministry of Justice issued the "Announcement of the National List of Thousands of Foreign Lawyers to Be Selected". According to the "Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Justice on the Establishment of a Talent Pool for Foreign-related Lawyers", the Ministry of Justice organized the judicial departments (bureaus) of various provinces (regions and cities) to apply for warehousing, and conduct centralized examination of the application materials in various regions, forming a nationwide 1,000 foreign-related lawyers. Lawyers plan to be included in the list for public announcement. A total of 988 people are planned to be included in the national list of 1,000 foreign-related lawyers, of which 59 are from Shandong. Attorney Li Xia is the only lawyer selected in Zibo City.

Lawyer profile

Lawyer Li Xia, graduate student of civil and commercial law of Tsinghua University, master of civil and commercial law of Beijing Technology and Business University, visiting scholar of American Society of International Law. Member of Shandong Provincial Service Group for International Trade Frictions, Member of the Legal Advisory Committee of Zibo Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and Deputy Chairman of the Foreign Professional Committee of Zibo Lawyers Association.

Business expertise: daily legal counsel for foreign-funded enterprises; international trade dispute agency; international trade friction investigation; foreign-related marriage and family legal affairs, etc.

Position: Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch, Chairman of the Branch Learning Committee, Partner

License number: 13703200511442881

Mobile phone: 13853337155

Office: 0533-7360205

Email: lixia13853337155@163.com