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The first "Provincial Civilized Law Firm" in Zibo City named by the Department of Justice of Shandong Province.

Shandong Dadiren Law Firm is willing to serve you with sincere legal services, cooperate with you, seek common development, and write a new chapter together!


Yu Xia

Graduated from Shandong University, majoring in law, and started working as a lawyer in 2001. He is currently the deputy director of Shandong Dadiren (Huantai) Law Firm, and serves as the legal counsel of Huantai County Government, member of Zibo Arbitration Commission, and volunteer service group of female lawyers in Huantai Leader of the group, public welfare lecturer of "New Countryside and New Life" in Zibo City, and other social positions. He has been successively rated as the most influential lawyer in Zibo City, the Nomination Award of the Top Ten Lawyers in Zibo City, the Outstanding Lawyer of Huantai County, the Pacemaker of the March 8th Red Flag in Huantai County, and the honorary titles of Zibo Advanced Individual in Helping the Disabled. During the practice period, he served as the legal adviser for many agencies, enterprises and institutions, handled many civil and commercial cases and many criminal cases, and completed legal aid tasks with guaranteed quality and quantity every year. Have a strong sense of social responsibility and good professional ethics. It upholds the practice philosophy that legal service work must not only fully protect the legal rights of the parties, but also facilitate the effective resolution of disputes and maintain social stability, strictly abide by the professional ethics of lawyers, and pay attention to maintaining their own image and honor. Over the years, they have been widely praised by the parties. Unanimously recognized with peers.
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