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Criminal Legal Affairs Department

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The Criminal Business Department is one of the earlier business departments of Dadiren Law Firm. It is one of the characteristic businesses of Dadiren Law Firm. It has a history of 27 years and has a group of people who enjoy a high reputation in the city, the province and even the country. The Criminal Defense Counsel is a member unit of the Criminal Defense Committee of the National Lawyers Association, the director unit of the Criminal Practice Committee of the Shandong Lawyers Association and the Criminal Practice Committee of the Zibo Lawyers Association, and the chairman unit of the first criminal professional alliance of law firms in Shandong Province. Since its establishment, the Criminal Business Department has handled more than 3,000 criminal cases, including more than 700 cases of corruption, bribery, and misappropriation of public officials of various levels and levels, as well as persons in charge of state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises, private enterprises, and financial officers. There were more than 380 cases of corruption, bribery, embezzlement, and embezzlement of public funds, defending several major and difficult common criminal cases in Zibo and surrounding areas, including the two main criminals of criminal underworld crimes in Zibo so far. , Has received good social and legal effects, and has been widely recognized by the society and the parties concerned.

Criminal legal service scope:

1. Provide legal assistance to criminal suspects in the investigation stage, including: providing legal advice, agency accusations, appeals, release on bail pending trial, and meeting with criminal suspects;

2. Acting as the defender of criminal suspects at the stage of review and prosecution;

3. Acting as the defender of the defendant in the first and second instance of public prosecution cases;

4. Acting as the agent of the victim in public prosecution cases and the agent of the private prosecutor in private prosecution cases;

5. Acting as the defender of the defendant in private prosecution cases;

6. Acting as the agent of the defendant in criminal incidental civil litigation;

7. Provide legal advice and represent complaints and accusations for citizens, legal persons and other organizations that have been violated by criminal acts;

8. Acting as a legal consultant, providing legal services for enterprises and institutions to prevent or reduce the occurrence of economic crimes.

Lawyer Team of Criminal Legal Affairs Department:

Director of Criminal Business Committee: Wang Tongsheng

Members of the Criminal Committee: Cui Guanjun, Wang Yi, Qi Xiangchao, Huang Baoxue, Cao Peician, Liu Huabo, Li Chengqing, Yang Kai, Sun Liping, Cui Xiang

Office Tel: 0533-2791603  2791605

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